Are you interested in becoming a member of the Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern Arizona?


The Animal Cruelty Task Force of Southern Arizona (ACT)

Since ACT is a coalition, rather than an organization, we have no bylaws, per se. Hopefully the following information will be helpful.

MISSION STATEMENT: ACT was created to increase awareness of animal cruelty laws in southern Arizona; to enhance and coordinate enforcement of animal cruelty laws; and to educate law enforcement, animal care professionals and other interested agencies in aspects of animal cruelty and the relationship of animal cruelty to other forms of assaultive behavior.

ACT is NOT an animal rights organization: ACT is a nonpolitical coalition of organizations who share the mutual goals of protecting animals and human beings from violent crime through the utilization of existing laws; prosecuting or rehabilitating offenders; providing public education or services to the animal and human victims of violent crime. ACT does not accept members who are identified as animal rights activists or who are working to further a political agenda in respect to animals

ACT is NOT an investigative organization: The taskforce’s primary purpose is to provide public education and training to professional organizations. ACT may assist existing police, animal control agencies and other investigative organizations with their public mandate to protect animals from neglect and abuse.

Membership is limited to personnel from law enforcement and criminal justice agencies; personnel from organizations with existing programs that aid law enforcement and the prevention of animal cruelty; and personnel such as veterinarians or related professionals trained in detecting and diagnosing animal cruelty, treating animal victims, human offenders or providing public education. See attached membership roster for information on which organizations are members of ACT.

ACT meetings are considered CLOSED and CONFIDENTIAL since they may deal with current or on-going animal cruelty cases. If a member of the public has information or concerns they would like to bring to ACT’s attention, they are welcome to address this by contacting the ACT officers or members listed on the ACT website. Click here to visit the Contact Us page

ACT officer positions include 2 Co-Chairpersons, 1 Administrative Officer, 1 Finance Officer, 1 Public Information Officer, 1 Director of Outreach and 1 Liaison. Former Co-Chairs are members of the ad hoc steering committee. Two of which authorizes the expenditures of ACT funds to pay for cruelty cases.

It is required that any financial expenditure made in regards to cruelty cases be approved (and signed) by two ACT officers with the exclusion of the person applying for the funds.


If you meet the criteria and would like to apply for membership, please click to the next page.

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