PACC looks to community for leads regarding animal cruelty case

On Monday, Jan. 15, at about 12:53 p.m., Pima Animal Care Center responded to a call regarding a dog found hanging from a tree in the area located behind Lowes Home Improvement, 4151 N. Oracle Road. A good Samaritan found the dog, released it from its restraint, and contacted PACC for assistance. The shelter has the dog under medical observation and has opened an investigation, but needs the community’s help to find possible

Leonard Baker’s 15-year-old granddaughter was taking a stroll around the neighborhood, when she heard the sound of a whimpering dog. Curious, she followed the sound to an area located behind Lowes, and found a black, mixed-breed dog hanging from a tree. She climbed the tree and freed the dog from the material that was strung around its neck.

Animal Protection Officer Alexis Martinez, who responded to the call, took the dog back to PACC’s medical team for an evaluation. Radiographs taken show the dog sustained minimal injury from the incident, but as a precaution, the team has the dog under observation.

Back at the scene, Officer Martinez examined the area and reviewed nearby security footage. Unfortunately, neither provided clues regarding the incident.

If you have any tips or information regarding this dog or the incident, please contact PACC’s Investigation Sergeant Tiffany Foster at 724-5990 or Community members may also call the 88-CRIME hotline at (520) 882-7463.